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Our Experience

We have been finding and distributing high quality fruits and vegetables since 1981. We started serving the retail market door to door to suburban homes at that time. We moved to fresh produce retail shops and then branched out into wholesale.

We now operate around the clock with 10 trucks and 300 hundred regular clients serving some of Newcastle's busiest food outlets like Wests who have been our client for 20 years.

We have been here for a long time and intend to be here a lot longer yet. This is why we give attention to detail, why we focus on customer relationship and communication. We don't want to lose clients and our clients can't afford to lose us.

That's service and that's how business is supposed to be. Give us a try and we'll serve you too. As an incentive to give us a shot, we offer new customers an introductory price schedule. Call us to find out more.