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Our Values

Our founder, John Rarity, has always done business with old-school values. His commitment to honesty, reliability and punctuality has been passed down every staff member and driver.

John's eagerness to build and preserve a good reputation with our clients and the public prompted our regular drug and alcohol screening program as well as our AA NSW food authority rating among many other things.

Reserch is being undertaken now to plot the location and progress of each delivery vehicle to provide further safety and reliability on into the future.

We believe that happy customers will reurn and that long term relationships with clients are the backbone of our business. We believe in providing the best combination of product, service and price to our clients always!

If you ever feel disappointed with any aspect of our operation, we welcome your feedback and would seek the opportunity to correct our mistakes where possible.

We believe that your business relationship with Rarity Wholesale will be marked with courtesy and quality.