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Making your life easy

We are currently working on a few tools to help our valued clients and make your life easier. Stay tuned for the release of each of the below.

  • SMS and email delivery reminders
  • Seasonal Stock Notifications
  • Live Kitchen Notes

SMS Reminders

You know the truck is coming but you've got so much to remember. How many times have you sent someone to the supermarket because you forgot to get that order in. With our SMS reminders, you get to set which deliveries you want reminders for and how many hours ahead of time you want that reminder. So you want get woken up by it but it will arrive just at the right time to save you anxiety and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Season Stock Notifications

There are times when certain products will quickly become hard to get and expensive. The reverse is true too, when a great weather pattern brings in an early quality harvest and you, as a managing chef or caterer can benefit a great deal by having as much advance notice on these things as possible. We send out email notifications to you as soon as we know prices and quality will change.

Live Kitchen Notes

Turn your phone into a virtual terminal. With our very own web app, you can take notes on your phone and we will collect them every hour. Before the delivery leaves, we'll make sure that we have contacted you to clarify what you need and get it dispatched. You don't need to make an order or even a phone call. Just make a note and leave it to us. Now that's efficient!