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Our core business is delivering fresh wholesale produce to your door. We've been serving our clients this way for 30 years. This experience positions us to bring to you the best produce and to get it there when you need it.

Rarity Wholesale operate out of Sandgate and can service Newcastle and the Hunter Valley with the freshest produce promptly.

Countless times we have been called upon for emergencies because someone has under ordered for a public event or because a power failure has spoiled a client's store, and because we are right here in town, we are able to help in a timely manner.

What's more we deliver more frequently than our competitiors in smaller trucks. This means our produce is fresher more often locally sourced and more diverse.  

That's right, we're great at supplying your standard fruits and salads for everyday dining outlets, but we also supply the leading artisan chefs in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley with specialty up-market produce that enables them to create unique and surprising menus.

We are by far the biggest wholesaler of fresh fuit and vegetables in Newcastle and we even contract local farmers to grow specialty crops on demand like Shitaki mushrooms, enoki and black fungi. we supply gourmet exotic yams and artichokes and hundreds of other quailty products.

Give us a call and find out how we can help. Find out just how often we come to you on our delivery schedule.